Welcome to the Powell River Chapter!  If you are interested in antique cars (anything 25 years old or more) then check us out!  We do many activities throughout the season, including raising funds for local charities such as the Therapeutic Riders and the Toy Run.  You may have seen some of our members and their cars in the Seafair Parade, or on display at the Blackberry Festival.  We never turn down a chance to show off our work!  

We also have an outing for our members to participate in every month - in the summer, we take a scenic drive and sometimes have a picnic, in the winter it's usually a potluck at a member's house or even a trip to a local restaurant.  Families are always welcome, of course!

Currently, our Powell River Chapter has 45 members.  All members are welcome to participate in rallies and tours, which take place at different times of the year, in a different city each year.  One example is the May tour, a great opportunity to meet members from other communities, look at lots of vintage cars restored to their original condition, and even take part in the competitions!  

Membership dues are $10 per family per year in addition to the $45 paid to the National.    In addition to all the help, support, and advice fellow members will give you on restoring cars, you will be joining a national network of people who can help you.

You can find us on Facebook at Powell River Vintage Car Club 

President Doug Lott  604-413-2214
Vice President Dave Sarnowski  604-483-3903
Secretary Brian Crilly  604-485-2667
Treasurer Melanie Lott  604-485-9358
Governor Doug Lott  604-413-2214
Correspondence Doug Lott 604-413-2214
Phoning Committee
Julie White  604-485-3934
Karen White  604-487-9639
Doug Lott  dmlott08@gmail.com
Chapter Dues
Chapter Meetings
2nd Monday of the month at the
Flying Club at the Powell River Airport
Chapter Address
3311 Windsor Ave
Powell River, BC
V8A 1B2

Chapter Cars

1926 Chevrolet

1928 Packard

1930 McLaughlin Buick

1933 McLaughlin Buick

1935 McLaughlin Buick

1936 McLaughlin Buick

1940 Pontiac

1949 Chev Pickup

1956 Meteor

1965 Chev Pickup

1968 Beaumont